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The creator of the Wood and Felt Design shop is Valdur Tilk, the master of woodwork.

Estonia is rich in its forests, historically the forest is a sacred place and a part of cultural identity for Estonians. Estonian folk culture has also been called wood culture, because the objects surrounded the Estonian peasants in their daily life (both on working days and on holidays), were mostly made of wood. Thanks to the great variety of species, wood material with all kinds of properties and colors can be found in Estonia. In Estonian folklore, rowan is believed to be the tree with most powerful witch power; durable juniper treats everyone with a soothing scent and is a beloved craft tree; black oak, matured for more than 300 years in river mud, is an exciting and exclusive material. Respecting the old craft practices and carrying on the traditional heritage of ax and knife work, each item gets its own personality and uniqueness.

In the store you can buy: buttons in all the different sizes made of rowan, apple, plum, juniper, hazel, cherry, thorn, oak and of course, black oak; beads for jewelry; bowls; toys; mortars; cutting boards and other necessary things.
Among our textile products, the most important is linen felt, which is developed by using different original technologies. The main articles offered in our shop: hats, accessories, toys and kitchen utensils.
The products sold in our store are one hundred percent Estonian handicraft.

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