The aim of Maser’s Courtyard was to create a collection of studios-workshops and galleries, where you can see the process of making and creating the artwork by the masters, visit exhibitions or just enjoy a nice cup of coffee and the atmosphere in this beautiful courtyard in old town.

In the heart of Tallinn’s historic old city, only 100m from Raekoja Square, you will find Vene Street 6. This historic property’s courtyard has seen much prouder days: presently some structures are about to collapse and others stand empty; some are now relegated to woodsheds since the few remaining apartments have only cold water and wood burning ovens. The year 2000 has not arrived here – yet…

Whereas the first written mention of this property dates from 1371, much of the courtyard and its’ enclosing buildings date from the 13th century.

Whilst subsequent centuries witnessed the whims of architectural fashion and/or the needs of owners – many middleage vestiges are omnipresent.

There are arched dungeons and cellars, circular-tower staircases, chiselled stone windowframes, massive beamed ceilings and much more.