Vahepealne asutus

The shop’s trademark is the hand-painted silk of Aita Römus: Airy silk scarves in many colors and hues, fancy neckties, pearl-embroidered necklaces and earrings. Aita Röemus’ colorful, medieval-inspired clothes are very unique, especially the lady of the house dresses, inspired by European 14th-16th century paintings. Silk painting is often considered a modern and fashionable hobby, but in fact, silk painting is an ancient art originating from the East. It reached Europe through the court of the Russian Tsar, in France hand-painted silk rose to prominence in the 1920s. Silk painting became a truly beloved art form and hobby only in the 1970s. A silk painting has an inexplicable sensual charm, as luxurious material and fine craftsmanship come together.

Who among us does not dream of going back in time sometimes? There are also ceramics by well-known artists Kersti Karu and Mare Vichmann; a selection of Ars Porselan hand-painted tableware; and other products of local craftsmen for sale in here.

Activity: evening silk painting workshops by reservation

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