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Jaan Pärn is one of the most famous Estonian jewelry artists, whose creations have attracted wide attention both at home and abroad, and who has received several medals and diplomas from international competitions.

For many years, the artist collaborated with the well-known German stone grinder Dieter Lorenz. To make necklaces, brooches, earrings, rings, the artist uses both gold and silver, colorful semi-precious stones and precious gems. The idea for the jewelry is given by the stone: agate, astrophyllite, amethyst-quartz etc. The unique pattern of the stone is especially inspiring, which, when appropriately framed in metal, turn into emotional pictures of nature.

Another emerging trend in his jewelry, is the filigree technique, turning the jewelry into small precious architectonics. This technique and architectural jewelry pieces are the ones, he might be the most known of and is due to his first educational degree, as an architect. In recent years, the author uses also lot of amber and lava rock.

A selection of jewelry

Every piece of jewelry has its own story to tell! Jaan Pärn wants to create beauty around himself and make wearable jewelry that provides aesthetic pleasure even decades later. The jewelry artist have said: “Nature itself is the greatest artist and I try to add some value for its creations”.


Unique and timeless rings in silver and gold.

Necklaces and jewelry sets

Distinctive, bold and unique necklaces and jewelery sets.


Unique and timeless earrings in silver and gold.


Distinctive, bold and unique brooches.


Unikaalsed ja kordumatud sõrmused hõbedast ja kullast.

Kaelaehted ja komplektid

Omanäolised, julged ja kordumatud kaelaehted ja ehtekomplektid.


Unikaalsed ja kordumatud kõrvarõngad hõbedast ja kullast.


Omanäolised, julged ja kordumatud rinnaehted.

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